School Furniture & Classroom Furniture Information and Resources

Virco Plastic Colors

8900 Series Chair Colors:

1. School Desks/Chairs Size chart
  •   When purchasing school desks and chairs, the correct size is very important for the comfort of your students . The proper way to measure a desk is by measuring from the floor to the chair seat bottom.
To determine the correct size desk for your classroom, use this desk sizing chart.
  School Desk Sizes
  • Another thing to consider is the construction of the desk itself.  Virco has several different materials to choose from.   From High-Pressure Laminate tops to Hard Composite Plastic. Thick 1/18″ tubular steel frames offer a sturdy desk and edufurniture has them priced for your school budget. 
  •  For a more ergonomic solution in classroom furniture, Virco offers the I.Q., Zuma, and the new Sage Series student desks and chairs.
2. Cafeteria Tables
  • Cafeteria Tables come in several sizes.  edufurniture strongly recommends the 17″ seat height for grades 4 and above.
  • The bench and stool models are very popular in schools beacause of their mobility, easy storage, and easy clean up for your lunchroom staff.
  • We carry many models of lunchroom tables.  Contact us for a free consultation to maximize your cafeteria furniture purchase.
3.  Computer Tables & Desks
  • There are many options and considerations when choosing computer furniture for the classroom setting.  It is recommended to call one of our trained staff before purchasing. 
  • Computer School Furniture should always include a wire managemant tray and grommets, and in most cases a keyboard tray should be installed. 
  • Depending upon how your classroom computer lab is wired and the type of computer hardware that is going to be used on the table makes a difference in what choices you should consider.
  • Edufurniture specializes in school furniture for student computer labs.  We have serviced nationwide furnishing projects for many years


4. Dry Erase Boards
  • Dry erase boards, also called markerboards come in three basic surface materials.
  • Melamine – Less expensive but not as durable and leaves some ghosting.  “Ghosting” is when the markerboard will not completely erase without heavy erasing and use of liquid. 
  • High Pressure Laminate – New surface that offers durability and no ghosting.
  • Porcelain Steel – This dry erase board surface has superior strength and durability without ghosting.